As Cilla’s post said, we got a positive result on our first pregnancy test. What fantastic news this is. I think we’re still getting used to the idea of being pregnant.

We left for Lubbock early this morning (March 20th). This weather this morning was beautiful. The air was crystal clear. We’ve had a few days of rain in Texas which cleared out all the dust in the air. I’d bet the visibility was 50 miles. The view east from the caprock at Post, Texas, was amazing. We heard a song on XM from a band called ‘The The’ called ‘This is the Day’ that has line in the chorus that says ‘This is the day… Your life will surely change’. This seemed to be a nice omen for what was to come. Cilla and I got a bit more nervous as we got closer to Lubbock.

We got to the doctor’s office 2 minutes late, the first time we’ve ever been late to an appointment with this Doctor. We got even more nervous as we sat in the waiting room for a few minutes. Finally we were called back for Cilla to have her blood drawn for the pregnancy test. We anticipated the test would take 5 minutes or so. The nurse told us the results would be ready in an hour or two. Disappointed, we went to lunch.

We ate a good lunch at McAlisters. Cilla didn’t get sick this time although we were both nervous enough to be nauseous. We hadn’t heard from the doctor’s office so we drove around Lubbock looking for an outlet store. We had the address but couldn’t find the store. We finally decided to give up our search and just as we were pulling into Linens & Things we got our good news from the doctor’s office. We ended up waiting about three hours for the call from the doctor.

The weather in the afternoon was very different from the morning. A dust storm blew up in the early afternoon so we drove back under a brown sky. At times the dust was blowing over the road, almost like a thick fog. In Texas, a very dusty day can sometimes create a little rain since the dust will ‘seed’ rain to fall out of clouds. Cilla and I saw a very faint rainbow at the end of the drive back to Abilene. The rainbow was a wonderful visual reminder of God’s promises. I know God’s promise to ‘Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life’ is very different from our situation. But his promise ‘Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart’ seems to be coming to fruition.

We’re obviously very happy. The day was tiring because of the anticipation. We know not all pregnancies carry through the first trimester, but we have no reason to believe this pregnancy will be anything but perfect. I already feel myself falling into ‘protective’ mode. I feel myself thinking things like ‘did Cilla put salt on her food?’ or ‘should Cilla be lifting that’. We’ll see in a few weeks or months if I’m grating on Cilla’s last nerve.

Cilla and I appreciate and are humbled by your prayers and concerns. Thank you for being with us as we begin this exciting time in our lives.

P.S. Our faithful Ford Explorer turned 100,000 miles on this trip. Kinda cool. We bought that car with 28,000 miles more than 6 years ago. It is still running strong.

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  1. jkmeeks

    Hey Cilla and Will,
    I dont know if you remember the Meeks, we ate with you and the Fuquas at Outback and talked all about our dogs. Well, anyways, we have been following your story through the Fuquas blog, and I just wanted to let you know how happy we are for you guys. I hope Cilla is feeling well and all three of you will be in our prayers.
    Katie and Jeremy Meeks

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