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I’ve completely rewritten the old 4.5 spellcheck module. I’m ready to ‘release’ the module and wonder what I’m supposed to do now. I could create a patch, but there is almost nothing that remains from the old spellcheck module. This is also my first module for Drupal, so I’m hoping I’ve done everything correctly.

So what should I do now?

The module uses the GPL’ed Speller Pages from http://spellerpages.sourceforge.net and requires aspell on the server. You can try it out at http://test.willwyatt.com you can login as testuser/testuser and create a blog entry. There should be a ‘Check Spelling’ button below the body form element.

The module only works with 4.7 and has only been tested against 4.7 CVS.

The module really is just a front end to aspell, so your mileage may vary depending on your aspell installation.

Code is available here.

One thought on “Spellcheck module

  1. I like the idea and the approach of using aspell. Unfortunately, what I really need is for this thing to check arbitrary textfields, like http://drupal.org/node/37839 does. The source code mentions a diff to comment.module, at least, but it doesn’t seem to have been shipped in the current tarball. Any chance we could see this upgraded to being a general-purpose Drupal spellchecker?

    In any case, thanks much!

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