What we’ve been going to Lubbock for…

This is what Cilla’s right ovary looks like as of 10 a.m. this morning (March 1st).

This is Cilla’s right ovary seen from two different angles. In these views you can see six follicles, each of which should contain a single egg. From watching the sonogram a few times, I’d guess that the largest follicle on the right is about 20 millimeters (0.78 inches) across. When they move the sonogram head around you can see many other follicles. She probably has a dozen or so on each ovary. The body is amazing. The ability for technology to image the inside of her body is amazing.

Right now, the egg retrieval is scheduled for Saturday. By then, each of the follicles on each ovary should be around 20 millimeters. I predict we’ll get 17 eggs total.

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  1. mavsfanmat

    Very cool to see the pics! We will be praying for you when we are on the road…May God shine His face on you!

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