Cilla and I had a good trip to Lubbock yesterday and today (Feb. 26th and 27th.) She’s a trooper for doing all this. Hopefully all our hard work will soon pay off.


Getting Close

Will and I both traveled to Lubbock again today. Yes, they are even open on Sundays. They took more blood and we took another look at my follicles through another ultrasound. There are tons growing (this is a good thing) and there are about 5-10 that are worth measuring for the procedure. We will stay in Lubbock for the night and return in the morning for more testing. They will monitor us this close through Tuesday of this week and the doctor is predicting we will be ready for retrieval on Thursday or Friday.
We met up with our cousin Angie Cogburn while in Lubbock. She is in medical school at Tech. It was fun to catch up with her and pick her brain. I hope our children are as smart and beautiful as she is ! Well done Aunt Karla and Uncle John!

I love my I Pod

I listened to my new 30G Video IPod today all the way to Lubbock and I could have driven all the way to Cali. I was having so much fun listening to my favorite music, it made the trip fly by! By the way, thank you Les and Jeanne (Will’s parents) for giving me this awesome birthday present! It rocks!

Just another day in Lubbock

I went back to Lubbock today for more routine bloodwork and an ultrasound. Usually, this consists of a 2 1/2 hrs. trip there for a 5 min. office visit and then, of course, another 2 1/2 hrs. back. But today, the office visit took a little bit longer. At this point in our cycle, the meds are working just as they should be and it took all of about 40 minutes today to measure each and every follicle that are sprouting appropriately. I have about 8 (follicles or egg sacs) on the right side with the biggest measuring at 12.9 mm and 5 on the left side with the biggest measuring at 11.5 mm. Our magic number is > 18 mm of most of the egg sacs before they will retrieve or remove them from my ovaries. The doc says that they grow approx. 2 mm a day. So, hopefully, the retreival will happen the middle of next week. Next on the agenda is more measuring and bloodwork on Sunday. Will is going this time. Yea! Until then, more yucky hormone shots in the tummy!