New Project Details

So, here is the plan,
I'm wanting to write a new Rails powered photo gallery application. I've used and appreciate the power of Coppermine and Gallery. Each of these tools has a gallery feature. That is, pictures can be placed in a gallery and galleries can be nested. That's good, but it doens't go far enough for me. I have thousands of digital images that I'd like to categorize.


  1. Come up with a name. I'd like to somehow use the idea of Rails and I think I'll use the idea of tagging images with attributes. So some combination of Rails and Tagging. Any ideas?
  2. Develop a ERD that will allow users to import images and then tag them with one or many attributes.
  3. Develop galleries that are predefined searches of tags. I'm thinking of the way you can label messages in gmail and then use those labels as folders in gmail.
  4. Learn Rails 🙂 I've played with Rails from the online tutorials and the Pragmatic book.
  5. Learn Ruby. I've done a bit of OO development. So I'm excited I get to learn a new language. I've read before that developers should learn a new language every few years. Now it is Rails' turn.

Look for me to set up a subversion for this project (and maybe Trac too).

Note: All the articles on this site in the category Rails should be considered stale. I’m not doing any more Rails development. If you have any questions about these pages, please email me. The address is in the sidebar.